Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Story for Tammy - There is no such thing as "just a new tub"

Once upon a time there were two young lads named Jock and Dave. One night, while sitting in the dark and dreary kitchen of Dave’s castle at 30 high Street, after many steins of the finest Canadian Ale, they had an idea.
“Dave,” slurred Jock, “Thou haveth a respectable castle, and grounds worth hunting on, but your kitchen Sucketh.”
“Jock my friend, you are absolutely right.” Dave replied. “And my dungeon needeth expanding too. Let us gather the rest of our drunken, heathen friends and begin.”
It was a sight to behold at three am. And their castle neighbours Bev and Jake were none too pleased at all the racket.
As the sun rose over the horizon the next morning, Dave stumbled to his kitchen.
“Fucketh, what hast thou done!”