Sunday, November 22, 2015

Crashing Partyman's Party

I am oblivious. I tra-la-la my way through life. So when Partyman Catering asked me to make pickles for an upcoming event, I was like, sure! (I don’t know why they thought I know how, maybe because I’m old. Old people do shit like canning and preserving.) I have done a few things here and there for them, and I love, love working with the awesome crew they have. Here is the oblivious part… I have never really thought about the final outcome of the kitchen frenzy that occurs there. Food goes out in really large metal pans, double wrapped in heavy duty plastic wrap, all tucked away in cute little mini food closet, pan carrier thingies. Tra-la-la. I guess they plop them down in the middle of a card table and everybody digs in. Tra-la-la. If they knew I was THAT stupid, they probably would have chopped me up, sauteed me in fresh garden herbs, put me in a large chafing pan (finally figured out it wasn't a sauce pan that gives you a rash between your legs when it is cold outside.) and stored me in one of their hot boxes. (Apparently NOT called a food closet.) So, after spending 4 days making pickles, you name it, I pickled it, it was time for the big event. Two tastings, and one VIP party at Camp Stella Maris on Conesus Lake - All in one day.  I decided to have a look around the morning of the big events. You know, check out the card tables… OH. MY. GOD. Can I say that one more time? OH. MY. GOD.

The dining hall had been transformed into a wedding kingdom that would put Cinderella’s ball to shame. I was speechless. The round tables draped with white linen tablecloths, were set with vintage china for ten people. Each place setting favored a jar of homemade bacon jelly, or an exquisitely boxed, melt in your mouth macaroon, made by Victoria, who is a graduate of the CIA. (The Culinary School, not the government spies.) The tables were numbered with hand painted blocks of barn wood, a six inch three layer cake, (form the baker, not the spy) and  amazing vases of curly willow. The rafters of the dining hall were draped with miles of white flowing material. Upside down black and white umbrellas hung, and the round paper lanterns over the bar area were the perfect touch. Each food station was set up with shabby chic vintage perfection. There was a garbage plate station sporting an actual road sign. Very cool. The bar had mini cones of homemade flavored popcorn, and candied nuts that were so sinful even Satan would feel guilty. The desserts were in My Grandma Hart’s dining room cupboard. (Okay, not actually hers, but she had the same one.)The drawers at the bottom were filled with plates of those addicting macaroons.
This is the baker, not a spy.

The pickle Bar – I was impressed, (and a bit nervous).

I was so amazed be the whole thing, I decided there was only one thing to do. Crash the VIP party that night.

The perfectly set wedding tables were replaced by cocktail tables. And oh my GOD was there food! Waiters and waitresses offering pulled pork sliders. (Yes, thank you.) Root Vegetable bruschetta. (Yes, please.) A carving station with tender flank steak and pork wrapped in pork. What is better than pork? Pork wrapped pork! (Well, maybe just a sliver…) Jambalaya, (Okay, twist my arm.) Guacamole, Pico de gallo, and hibiscus margaritas in little salt rimmed glasses. (I got busted filling my large glass up with it, but bribed the girl at that particular station with a bag of the candied pecans…) Steak and salmon being cooked on salt stone slabs gathered quite a crowd. We left before they started making homemade ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Wait, I forgot about the Marshmallows! There was a fire pit to make your own S’mores.

I have a food hangover today. I can’t say enough about the event Partyman catering put on last night. Book your graduation parties, your weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. Retirement Parties, holiday parties and whatever parties. Or just pretend you know how to make pickles, sample your way through the kitchen for a few days, and then crash the party! 
Partyman catering is located in the old Annis Dairy building, East Avon, NY.
Check out their facebook page:  
Or their website:


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